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 Suitable for both women and men

 Different colours to choose from
 Number one for a role play

All you need is not just love. All you need is stunning and sensational love. We exactly know what is needed to make your love stunning and sensational that is why we highly recommend this amazing butt plug made of silica gel. You may choose either pink or black colour of silicone butt plug depending on the intensity of your desires and your personal preferences. The furry fox tail is around 14.96in long and looks incredibly real. With this silica gel plug a girl instantly turns into a playful kitty, and the guy into a passionate cat: the toy is universal and can be used by both man and woman.

Color/Type Black fox tail
Butt plug material Silica gel
Butt plug dimensions

1.10in x 2.68in

Tail Length 14.96in